Sunny Monroe Digital Marketing Branding

My name is Sunny Monroe, and I’ve been doing project management, writing, and creative digital marketing since the early aughts. While I’ve worked with big companies like Microsoft and Intel, my real passion is around social entrepreneurs and small businesses. Collaborating with smart, dedicated people on refining a message and reaching customers is pretty much my favorite job. Over the past several years, I’ve found fulfillment in working with socially focused startups like UbrLocal, an online marketplace for local food producers, and Serve Smart, which creates effective training materials for volunteers of nonprofits.

I’m also a big fan of sustainable farming. I serve as communications director of Morethana Farm, a teaching farm associated with Antioch University. I’ve been a city girl most of my life, and have enjoyed the opportunity to get dirty and do a little manual labor with my 10-year-old daughter on the farm.

And, finally, I produce a little theater with SketchFest Seattle. Specifically, an annual sketch comedy contest around whatever cause or issue I’m interested in that year. These have included A World Beyond Oil, Food of the Future, and Monogamish Me. I love taking a fringe cause or concept, throwing it into the creative jaws of the Seattle comedy community, and seeing what comes out the other end. In my opinion, comedy is an effective and underused way to bring tough or depressing issues into the collective imagination of the audience and back into public conversation.

Sound interesting? I’m a fabulous conversationalist. Let’s talk.

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